Time to step back in. A personal note and 'Hi' to my new followers

After a few years off running the family motel in Turangi, I've decided to return to writing and blogging. 

It's nice to have the time now to read and think. Yes, I still live in the Central Plateau and I won't be returning to Auckland or Sydney- I love it in a small town. 

My family is all here now. Yes the houses are more affordable and the people are friendly. Yes I still go to church every Sunday. No I don't miss working in a big corporate or government job. 

A lot has happened online and offline in the last five years or so and I have felt a little on the shelf as I've dealt with health challenges both of my own and of my Dad, who now has Parkinson's.  Thanks to medications, I'm very healthy now (thanks for asking) and I walk the Tongariro river trails every day. I have a cute cat called Gracie, and I'm financially secure thanks to the provincial housing boom and maybe me making some wiser decisions as I've gotten older. 

I signed up for Substack and considered going down the email newsletter route that is the fashion. The social media companies and their algorithms have made it very difficult to follow people and content that you like so I understand the logic. I just don't think newsletters will last as people are tired of intrusive email content. Blogging has been with us a long time and I think it will stand the test. Let's see. 

Anyway, it feels nice to be back on my old favourite Posthaven (formerly Posterous/ acquired by Twitter) and thanks to YCombinator for keeping the service going. I used to publish twice a week as a discipline and I might do something like that again. 

It's been nice to see and hear from some of the old online folk and, while the break was nice, I think it's time to step back in. Thanks for reading and welcoming me back. 

Courtney x