Housing affordability in the regions ignored once again

Today's bipartisan announcement of changes to allow for medium density property development is fantastic and I was very excited to see the changes come through. 

My first thought was that it would allow some of the affordable housing projects my friends have been trying to get off the ground to get the green light. But then this: 

Tier one urban sites- Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, and Hamilton. 

No mention of the regions struggling to house whanau and the land that is almost impossible to get resource consents for. 

Rotorua surely is a top candidate for a Christchurch-style opening up of land for housing. Here in Turangi we have huge sections with 1960's Ministry of Works houses that are too small for most families. Prime land for housing our people and their families through to retirement and over 55 years developments. 

Let's hope the the next round of changes are announced soon, so that those in the regions aren't forgotten about, again.